On September 19, a specialized seminar entitled “Multipurpose Design: Advantages for business” will be conducted in Kyiv for lbusiness. Multipurpose design means the creation of tools, an entourage, programs and services with no need for their future adaptation by some categories of people. During the seminar participants will received answers to questions such as how to integrate principles of multipurpose design into CSR strategy, how this design will help increase transparency and the attractiveness of their business, and how to produce products and provide services that can be used by a wider audience.
This event is open to PR, CSR and HR specialists from large and medium-sized companies, banks, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. Hopeful participants must send personal info (name, surname, company, job/position, phone number) by email to Kristina.Bagramian@undp.org by Sept. 16. For more information, please contact Kristina Bagramian by phone at (044) 289-4374, (050) 418-2942 or (097) 337-8277.
The seminar is part of the “Promoting Mainstream Policies and Services for People with Disabilities in Ukraine” program, which is being implemented by the UNDP together with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the WHO, the ILO and the National Assembly of People with Disabilities.

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